Rosen Lite Inc.   was founded in 1996. Rosen,  named  from a little town of  Rosenheim in Germany.  This  town is world famous for its confection and precise industries all the time.  

Rosen Lite sticks  to the principle and industrial spirit of designing  and developing lighting technology, also we strictly carry out quality control systems,  bend  ourselves to pursuing elegant and cozy lighting circumstances. Since Rosen Lite was established,  she opened  international market with a striking speed.we are obliged to MITSUBISHI, MITSUKOSHI, CITY CHAIN, STARBUCKS  COFFEE etc. they pointed to adopt Rosen Lite products and Rosen Lite systems; also we are indebted to American Hilton five-star hotel for their large quantity of order,at the same time,we are pointed as OEM & ODM manufacturer by European and  American large factories.

Rosen Lite has a complete system that designed  by herself, such as the most popular low-voltage system / business lighting system, including track light system, cable light system, display light system, picture light system, down light system and spot light system; different kinds of lights and fashionable designs, make your space more comfortable, warmer and ecome more trendy. House lighting and office lighting series, emphasize more on the comfort that caused by circumstances,  and the perfect combination of art and life. Our professional lighting system and computer auxiliary lighting designs,can help you program appropriate  lighting circumstance according to your taste, characterand limitation of the  space.  Our systems make every corner of your space become a perfect part of your life.

Office Environment

Quality Control

Our factory obtained the ISO9001 from 2002 to ensure high-quality products, and purchased the advanced testing equipment continuously. We established the professional standardized laboratory in 2006, which consist of mechanical performance testing room, electronic testing room, electronic life testing room, machine capacity testing room, high-low temperature testing room. We have RoHS tester,  intergrating sphere tester, luminous intensity tester,  high/low temperature testing system, tensile tester, programmable constant temperature and humidity environmental chamber, salt spray chamber, 72 hours aging test room, vibration tester, pressure testing machines and other modern detection equipment, more than 20 sets.Engaged in a wide range of laboratory testing, from raw materials, production routine testing, finished product testing. All products have passed CE, ERP certification and comply with the WEEE.

Our Commitment to Quality
Rosen lite insists on exceptional quality, that's why we have ISO 9001 certification which is a quality control management system to improve our product's quality and performance. We pride ourselves on providing products that meet and surpass your expectations. We test them vigorously in the real world to expect the best. Our unwavering commitment to excellence begins by listening to you.
Customer service is our top priority, when you have questions or need assistance, we are here to help. Our commitment to quality and innovation is equaled only by our commitment to you, our customers.

Our Commitment to the Environment
To keep all of nature: animals; forests, oceans; etc. pristine and wild, we want to preserve this wonderful world for generations to come, we are committed to doing our part right now to conserve it, by recycling, reducing waste and conserving energy. That's why we have certification ISO 14001 which a series of international standards on environmental management system.
We've never stopped at just innovating and improving products. We strongly believe that we owe it to ourselves, and to our industry, to do whatever we possibly can to protect and save the environment. Due to the response to the concerns of the human health and environmental impact associated with the use of certain environmentally sensitive materials, all Rosen lite materials and processes comply with the RoHS directive.